IMIRT 2014 summary report

20 November 2014  // 

The 2nd International Meeting on Ischemia Reperfusion Injury in Transplantation (IMIRT) was held this year in April in Poitiers, France. A key highlight was the presentation from Dr. Álvaro Pacheco Silva, who examined delayed graft function (DGF) and time to hospital discharge following the transplantation of hypothermic machine perfused kidneys following static cold storage (SCS).1 Dr. Silva, from Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, São Paolo, Brazil, compared 40 hypothermic machine perfused kidneys using LifePort® Kidney Transporter vs. 136 kidneys preserved on SCS. Despite a longer cold ischemic time (CIT) with hypothermic machine perfusion (HMP) (32.8 hours vs. 22.7), delayed graft function (DGF) was lower at 62.5% vs. 76% (although this was not significant). Duration of DGF was significantly lower at 3.8 vs. 10 days (p= 0.021), with a quicker discharge from hospital of 13.8 vs. 19 days (p = 0.011) and a lower creatinine level at discharge of 2.14 vs. 2.6 mg/dl. Dr. Silva concluded that the use of HMP contributed to faster recovery of renal function and a shorter hospital stay.

Dr. Jay Nath, University of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK, presented Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy analyses from perfusate samples taken after 45 minutes of HMP in 29 cadaveric kidneys.2 Glucose concentrations were significantly lower in kidneys with DGF compared to kidneys with immediate graft function at both 45 minutes (8.045 vs. 9.829 mM, p = 0.006) and 4 hours (8.219 vs. 10.626 mM, p = 0.003).Concentrations of inosine, gluconate and leucosine were also significantly different between immediate graft function and DGF kidneys. According to Dr. Nath, these initial results demonstrate that markers of glucose metabolism may have the potential to indicate the risk of DGF prior to transplant.


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