January 24, 2017 Update No 2

Follow-up Notice re: SPS-1® Lot Number PBR-0060-386

Updated: January 24, 2017

I am writing as follow up to the update I sent on January 13, 2017 asking your organization to quarantine-in-place SPS-1, Static Preservation Solution, Lot number PBR-0060-386.

To assure proper documentation and control of the product from this Lot during our ongoing investigation and validation of any issues that may be affecting the performance of this product, we ask that you please send back to us any SPS-1, Static Preservation Solution that you are holding from Lot Number PBR-0060-386. This request is a voluntary and precautionary measure on our part and we are grateful for your cooperation.

Please respond to our e-mail request for information regarding how many units of Lot Number PBR-0060-386 you have quarantined-in-place, even if you have no product remaining under your control. Upon receiving a response to this e-mail telling us how many units you have in inventory, we will contact you directly to confirm your e-mailed information and to provide a return authorization code and return shipping labels. Upon receipt of any returned product, we will be happy to either ship replacement product to you at our expense or issue a credit memo.

We highly value our relationship with you, and thank you for your prompt attention to this request.

Should you have additional questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail: mcopithorne@organ-recovery.com or your account representative.