Data Station

30 October 2008  // 

Your perfusion data means a lot—which means a lot to us. You gave us invaluable feedback on how you use LifePort Data Station, and we've taken a comprehensive look at the software experience and made a handful of improvements based on what we heard.

New Features and Benefits

Improved Organ ID Information

  • A more informative snapshot screen now displays the organ ID, the kidney orientation (L/R), and both systolic and diastolic pressures without having to click.

 Enhanced File Organizer

  • Copy, move, delete, and archive Data Station files from a single file.
  • An updated file organizer lets you see description fields at a glance to make identifying a run easy.
  • Easily extract specific fields at specific times from multiple files.

 Expanded Case Report Capabilities

  • Attach an unlimited number of photos and files to your case report.
  • Keep printed reports together with a more informative footer.
  • New, more detailed graphs provide additional information about the run.
  • Exporting to the Excel format can now be done with a case report as well as the raw data.
  • Case reports now omit bubble purge data for a clearer view of the perfusion.