For Healthcare Professionals

Detailed summaries of key clinical papers on organ transplantation, machine preservation and factors affecting  post-transplant outcomes, plus video presentations by leading experts in the field on their clinical experience with machine preservation.

Clinical Evidence

A summary of key evidence in organ preservation and transplantation is offered below:

Kidney transplantation

  • Use of machine perfusion in all types of donor kidneys
  • Data on the impact and mechanisms of delayed graft function
  • The basic science behind the mechanism of action during machine perfusion
  • Cost-effectiveness studies based on LifePort Kidney Transporter
  • Evaluation of renal resistance parameters for discard/transplantation

Liver transplantation

  • Details of the impact of early allograft dysfunction
  • Pilot clinical studies of hypothermic machine preservation in liver transplantation
  • The potential for a donor risk index
  • Economic impact of liver transplantation, especially in high risk donor organs

Preservation solutions

  • Increased primary non-function in deceased donor kidneys flushed with HTK solution
  • Evaluation of the important components of UW Solution
  • Association of HTK solution and reduced graft survival in deceased donor livers
  • Review of HTK vs. UW preservation solution in pancreata transplantation

LifePort in action: Sharing clinical experience

Key experts in the field of transplantation present their clinical experience with machine perfusion. These videos have been prepared to answer frequently asked questions, including:

  • Can machine preservation close the gap between demand and availability of donor organs by utilizing marginal kidneys?
  • What are the logistical and practical issues in starting a machine preservation program?
  • Is it possible to have a national machine preservation program?
  • Can machine preservation extend cold time to enable transplantation at optimal times, without harming the organ?
  • What clinical experience exists in machine preservation of livers prior to transplantation?

Click here to see leading transplant surgeons share their clinical experience:

  • Dr. A. Osama GaberDirector of Transplantation and Vice Chairman of Surgery, The Methodist Hospital System, Houston, Texas, USA
    • The benefits of machine perfusion in DBD kidneys
  • Dr. Andrew Ready Consultant Renal and General Surgeon Department of Renal Surgery at the New Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, UK
    • Addressing recipient factors: optimising the outcomes post-transplant
  • Professor Benoit BarrouGroupe Hospitalier Pitié Salpêtrière, Paris, Head of the Kidney Transplantation Program, Department of Urology and Transplant Surgery, France
    • Why should kidneys be machine perfused?
  • Dr. James V. Guarrera Associate Professor of Surgery, Surgical Director of Adult Liver Transplantation, Columbia University Medical Center/ New York Presbyterian Hospital, USA
    • Reducing early allograft dysfunction and improving outcomes in liver transplantation with hypothermic machine preservation