France Introduces National Program for Machine Perfusion of ECD Kidneys

7 January 2013  // 

In February 2012, the Agence de la Biomédecine in France announced the introduction of a national program for machine perfusion of all ECD kidneys.

Professor Denis Glotz, Chief of the Department of Nephrology and Renal Transplantation, Saint-Louis Hospital in Paris, France, remarked of this development: “The data regarding the benefits of machine perfusion for ECD kidneys are clear, and we are delighted that France is the first country in the world to adopt a national policy of machine perfusion for all ECD kidneys.”

It is expected, according to UNOS criteria, that 45% of French DBD donors will be classified as ECD donors by 2015. Results from the landmark Machine Preservation Trial showed that the odds for experiencing a delay in recovery of kidney function in ECD kidneys following machine perfusion with LifePort® are 54% lower than following static cold storage.1 The 3-year graft survival was significantly improved in machine-perfused kidneys compared with cold-stored kidneys (86% vs. 76%; P = 0.01).2 The graft survival difference was even greater in ECD kidneys with DGF (92.3% vs. 80.2%, P = 0.02).1

Organ Recovery Systems has worked closely with the French transplant community since 2006 having supplied leading transplant centers in France with LifePort Kidney Transporters in conjunction with their landmark national clinical study on DCD transplantation.


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