LifePort® Liver Transporter previewed at the American Transplant Congress

27 August 2013  // 

Organ Recovery Systems were pleased to preview* the LifePort Liver Transporter at the recent American Transplant Congress held in May 2013 in Seattle, USA. Visitors were able to get a first look at the key features, which include portable machine perfusion utilizing the trusted LifePort Kidney Transporter operating platform. The LifePort Liver Transporter pumps a specially formulated solution through the liver, providing gentle hypothermic machine perfusion of the hepatic artery and portal vein.

Other key features include: a redundant preservation system for safety; real-time remote organ performance and status monitoring via a password-protected webpage; programmable data display that includes information such as perfusion status, perfusate flow and pressure, and patient information; optional, removable, fold-out work surfaces; and a height-adjustable folding cart for ease of transportation.

For more information on the LifePort Liver Transporter, please contact your local Organ Recovery Systems representative or visit us at our booth during the upcoming European Society for Organ Transplantation (ESOT) Congress in Vienna.

*The LifePort Liver Transporter is in the investigational stage of development and is not available for commercial use.