LifePort Kidney Transporter Cover

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Organ Cover Key Features

  • Provides easier handling for the movement of LifePort Kidney Transporter
  • Enhanced protection for LifePort Kidney Transporter during transport
  • Developed with input from LifePort clients and logistic handler companies

Easier Handling

  • Telescopic pull handle in combination with two steerable wheels provides excellent maneuverability
  • Second compartment allows storage of and access to the cross match samples without opening the device or donor file compartment
  • LifePort Kidney Transporter Display Panel visible through the Transporter Cover at all times, with easy access to the USB port to enable download of data
  • Rear clear pouch allows automatic bar code scanning by transport carriers
  • Top clear pouch for easy access for shipping and claim custody forms

Enhanced Protection

  • LifePort Kidney Transporter fits neatly inside the Transporter Cover which can be secured with zip ties
  • Donor documentation is accommodated in a special secure compartment
  • Fully compliant with EU directive 2010/45/EU for the transport and traceability of donor organs
  • Rear access to the LifePort power connection without opening the Transporter Cover
  • Robust insulated cover on wheels, hand constructed in the USA from top grade materials


  • Weight – 14lbs (6.2kg), 60lbs (27.2kg) fully loaded
  • 24″ x 14″ x 24″ (60.96cm x 35.56cm x 60.96cm)

Ordering Information

  • Standard delivery included
  • Order by phone at 866.682.4800 (USA) or 32.2.715.0000 (Brussels)

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LifePort Kidney Transporter Cover IFU


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LifePort Kidney Transporter IFU