LifePort® Kidney Transporters in Brazil

January 07, 2013

LifePort has been introduced into six centers in Brazil to date, with routine use of the machine employed at major transplant hospitals in Fortaleza and Rio. Several leading transplant hospitals in São Paulo have also recently initiated machine perfusion of kidneys with LifePort.

One of the key challenges in Brazil has been the high incidence of DGF, estimated by Brazilian transplant clinicians to be around 57–80%. Starting in May 2012, Dr. Ronaldo Esmeraldo, chief of renal transplantation at the Hospital Geral de Fortaleza has transplanted more than 50 LifePort-perfused kidneys. Preliminary reported post-transplantation results1 have indicated significantly reduced DGF levels (25%), with graft survival rates of 95% and reduced length of hospital stay for patients. Dr. Esmeraldo will present full details of his experience at the Brazilian Transplant Society meeting in 2013.

1. Esmeraldo R. Uso de Bomba de Perfusão Pulsátil em Transplante Renal com Doador Falecido Experiência do Ceará. Data presented at the Fórum de Discussão: Máquina de Perfusão Renal no Brasil – Perspectivas Clínicas, São Paulo (November, 2012).

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