LifePort Liver Transporter Disposables

Designed for Maximum Preservation

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LifePort Liver Transporter Disposables

LifePort Liver Transporter Disposables maintain and perfuse explanted livers under hypothermic aseptic conditions until the recipient patient is ready to receive the liver transplant.

LifePort Liver Transporter Perfusion Kit

LifePort Liver Transporter Disposable Perfusion Circuit contains the fluid management components necessary for perfusion a single liver. The liver is supported by an Organ Cradle (two sizes available) and partially submerged in cold physiologic solution. Multiple sizes and styles of LifePort Liver Transporter Disposable Cannula are available for range of different liver anatomies.

  • Cannula
    • SealRing®
    • Straight
    • Connector Set
  • Sterile Drape
  • Perfusion Circuit

The recently improved Universal SealRing Cannula provides a significantly easier and quicker technique of connecting the donor renal artery to the LifePort cassette, especially when working without assistance – the anvil modification and the new conical seal greatly facilitate the process as well as ensure that the arterial orifice is aligned appropriately.

Michael Bloch

Organ & Tissue Donor Specialist, London Health Sciences Centre, London, Ontario, Canada