Machine perfusion with LifePort improves yield & insulin content in islets from porcine pancreas

1 September 2010  // 

A study by M. J. Taylor et al, published in Cell Transplantation investigated the effect of machine perfusion on the LifePort pulsatile perfusion system, compared with cold static storage, on the yield and purity of islet isolation from the pancreas of juvenile pigs.

Islet transplantation may be a viable option in the treatment of type 1 diabetes. However, there are challenges with human donation for this purpose, so alternatives are being sought, with islets from the pancreas of pigs proving to be a possible good choice due to the physiological similarities between pigs and humans.

The study looked at various ways to preserve the pancreas for optimal yield and purity of islet isolation, including cold static storage, machine perfusion and a variety of preservation solutions.

The results showed that after 24-hours of trouble-free machine perfusion at a systolic pressure of 10 mmHg, the machine perfused pancreas group resulted in a greater yield of islets with a greater insulin content than the traditionally cold-stored pancreas.


Taylor MJ et al. Islet Isolation From Juvenile Porcine Pancreas After 24-h Hypothermic Machine Perfusion Preservation. Cell Transplantation 2010;19:613–28.