SPS-1® Static Preservation Solution: UW Solution

13 August 2012  // 

SPS-1, a static preservation solution for the hypothermic flushing and storage of transplant organs, is recommended for use in kidneys, pancreas and liver. The solution is identical in composition to University of Wisconsin (UW) solution (ViaSpan®), which is considered by surgeons worldwide to be the gold standard preservation solution. The equivalency of SPS-1 to UW solution is recognized by the US Food and Drug Administration, which in 2008 declared SPS-1 to be "substantially equivalent" to ViaSpan*, meaning that it is at least as safe and effective as the latter product.

Additional benefits of SPS-1 are based upon improvements to the packaging. Organ Recovery Systems developed 1- and 2-Liter bags for the solution that allow use without a Pall blood transfusion filter and non-refrigerated, ambient temperature storage for up to 2 years from the date of manufacture. Since 2008, Organ Recovery Systems has provided more than 125,000 Liters of SPS-1 to leading transplant centers around the world.

*SPS-1 is cleared by US FDA, ANVISA (Brazil), Health Canada and UK MHRA