Study Shows Machine Preservation Significantly Improves Transplant Outcomes

1 January 2009  // 

A landmark study published today in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) demonstrates that the use of the LifePort® Kidney Transporter to preserve and transport kidneys for transplantation offers significant benefits in kidney survival and function when compared to those stored in the traditional box of ice (cold storage). The study was the first randomized, prospective trial to compare these two methods of preservation. Results for kidneys preserved and transported on the LifePort compared to those stored and transported in the traditional box of ice showed that: the odds of a delay in kidney function post-transplantation were 43% lower and showed that kidneys were 48% less likely to fail within the first year post-transplantation.

Unlike the icebox, LifePort monitors the temperature and status of the organ and preserves it by pumping it continuously with a cold solution, even while the organ is being transported to its intended recipient.

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