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Designed with You in Mind

The LifePort Kidney Transporter product family is built to give you ultimate ease of use. When you’re in the field, speed matters. The integrated components of your LifePort Kidney Transporter system are easy to set up when it matters most.

Our complete LifePort Kidney Transporter system includes:

  • Perfusion Circuit to contain the kidney and perfusate under aseptic conditions during transport
  • Cannulas engineered for secure connection to various kidney vasculatures
  • Sterile Drape to maintain aseptic conditions while working inside the Perfusion Circuit
  • Preservation Solutions to maintain organ viability during preservation


Built for Safety

Transporting a donated kidney safely is your highest priority.

Physical protections include:

  • Ultrasonic Bubble Detectors to prevent air from entering the vasculature
  • Static cold storage backup for ultimate safety
  • Surrounded by physiologic solution in Perfusion Circuit
  • Pressure-controlled pump letting you set the pressure based on kidney vasculature
  • Gentle flow increase during vasodilation to avoid barotrauma

Built for Movement

When life is on the line, you need to move fast. Our LifePort Kidney Transporter is designed to be easy-to-use for ultimate transportability.

Features include:

  • Designed to pump OR to OR
  • Can pump end-ischemically if transportation is not available
  • Only 45 pounds (20.4 kg) fully loaded to allow for one person lift
  • Eliminates the need for separate cold storage

Kidney Performance Data at a Glance

LifePort Data Station

Our proprietary data-collection system lets you monitor the kidney in real-time, giving you the information you need. Kidney data may to be remotely monitored and downloaded rapidly via USB.

Control Panel and Display Interface

Make real-time clinical decisions with real-time data. Displays unique organ ID, real-time pressure, temperature, flow, and renal resistance perfusion data for better clinical decision making.

Unique Organ Record

The increase in the need for kidneys, the growth of donations, and the speed of travel demands easy and accurate record-keeping. Our data collection helps you protect yourself and the patients who count on you. 

Traditional Cold Storage Backup

All technicians and clinicians have to expect the unexpected. Our LifePort Kidney Transporter system uses traditional cold-storage backup for the ultimate in perfusion and transportation safety. Preserve with the standard of care even in a worst-case scenario.

Supplemental Materials

Disposables, Covers, and Solutions for Safe and Easy Kidney Perfusion

LifePort Kidney Transporter Disposables

Our disposable products facilitate maximum preservation and protection to the donor organ prior to implantation while remaining easy to use during transportation. Replaceable, sterile, and affordable, our disposables are what you need to be fully prepared.

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Organ Preservation Solutions

Maintaining organ viability during preservation is critical. Our gold standard preservation solutions rapidly cool the organ, reducing cellular injury during cold ischemia and minimizing reperfusion injury.

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LifePort Kidney Transporter Cover

Effortless handling and advanced protection to make sure you can get from the hospital to the airport to the clinic, easily and safely. The LifePort Kidney Transporter Cover keeps you connected to all the vital statistics and information you need with the transparent Display Panel window. It’s fully compliant with all national and international regulations. Make sure you’re covered.

World Class Support

LifePort Kidney Transporter comes with dedicated technical support from expert clinical preservationists available to speak with you 24 hours a day. Organ Recovery Systems also provides comprehensive on-site and virtual Instructor-Led training, online training modules within the Client Community, a LifePort mobile app, refresher training videos, loaner devices, and protection plans to help keep your transplantation program running smoothly.

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Our LifePort Mobile App Gives You The Tools You Need, Anytime

We’re proud to offer the LifePort mobile app, giving you the tools you need for successful kidney perfusion and transportation, on the go, 24/7.

App features include:

  • Availability in English, Portuguese, French, and Spanish
  • Watch how-to videos in the Video Library and within Setup/Operation
  • Receive step-by-step troubleshooting with Guided Assistance
  • Browse relevant clinical evidence articles to access summaries and full publications
  • Access frequently asked questions with references

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“Our findings suggest that the increase in the percentage of kidneys pumped from 10% to 30% during the 2000s prevented the KDR (kidney discard rate) from rising even higher than the observed 19.2%.”

Stewart DE, et al. Transplantation. 2017.

Clinical Evidence of Superior Outcomes Using LifePort

Our products have been tested in the lab, on the road, and in your clinics. Combining innovative technology, user-friendly design and an advanced technology platform, LifePort Kidney Transporter has revolutionized kidney preservation. Compelling evidence shows that LifePort can improve patient outcomes.

Both 1-year and 3-year graft survival is better with LifePort Kidney Transporter when compared with cold static storage.

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Our Technology, Your Mission

You have a mission. You need the tools to make you more efficient and the team to support you. That’s our mission. Let’s work together to improve patient outcomes and preserve the gift of life.

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