Watch the story behind the development of LifePort® as revealed by CEO David Kravitz.

Transplantoux Foundation

Transplantoux Foundation

The Transplantoux Foundation encourages transplant recipients to exercise and participate in sports. In June 2015 Organ Recovery Systems sponsored 100 transplant recipients. Read More...

Transforming Outcomes with Machine Perfusion

A growing body of clinical evidence demonstrates the benefits of hypothermic machine perfusion for improving outcomes and reducing complications following renal transplant. Read more...

Our Services

Supporting Our Customers

Organ Recovery Systems provides an extensive support package, perfusion expertise and 24-hour technical support to all customers. Read more...

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Organ Recovery Systems is the global market-leading provider of organ preservation products and services, supporting over 229 transplant programs in 36 countries with its patented LifePort® Kidney Transporter and the gold-standard organ preservation solutions, UW solution (SPS-1®) and UW machine perfusion solution (KPS-1®). Organ Recovery Systems is committed to advancing organ preservation for transplantation by developing innovative medical technologies and support systems to preserve and protect donor organs, helping clinicians transform outcomes post transplantation. 

Organ Recovery Systems is dedicated to furthering the field of transplantation through its contributions to pre-clinical and clinical research. Learn more.

Our founding vision in 1998 was to build a great company based on delivering  exceptional clinical tools and services to help provide more and better quality organs, tissues and cells for transplantation. From the start, our mission has been to support transplant professionals in their service to improve outcomes for their patients while reducing overall costs of healthcare. While we’ve made solid progress in fulfilling our aims, our efforts thus far represent just the first chapter. We’re hard at work to make the rest of our story about ever more and better contributions in support of transplant medicine worldwide.