Investing in Research

Organ Recovery Systems conducts proprietary research and product development activities, while also sponsoring research in collaboration with academic medical centers worldwide. These efforts are aimed at advancing the state of the art of organ, tissue, and cell recovery and preservation for improving outcomes in transplantation. Our research focus follows published priorities of the major US and European clinical transplant societies in three main areas: Basic Science, Translational Science (including pre-clinical models designed to advance translation of validated mechanistic discoveries to clinical applications), and Clinical Science.

Our sponsorship of external research is often provided through material transfer arrangements in exchange for certain data and intellectual property rights. We are also party to several third party institutional grant-funded research programs.

Our research activities include:

Basic Science

  • Development and validation of perfusate derived biomarkers of renal and hepatic graft dysfunction.

Translational Science

  • Adherence monitoring to help define predictors of chronic rejection, cancer and infections after transplant, including epigenetic influences in determining transplant outcomes.
  • Development of patient point of care assays for remote monitoring and measurement of immunosuppressant drug levels and key biomarkers of patient health.
  • Development and validation of surrogate markers for long-term outcomes in kidney and liver allografts.
  • Studies to determine the effects of ice-free cryopreservation on protective immunity in allogeneic tissue for transplantation.

Clinical Science

  • Reduction of post-transplant complications in renal and liver allografts.
  • Optimizing organ utilization by improving organ viability through machine perfusion-based interventions in the pre-transplant period including ex vivo conditioning.
  • Improving the post-transplant patient experience and clinician support thereof, by addressing the challenges of therapy adherence.