The innovative LifePort technology has proven to significantly improve 1-year and 3-year graft survival for all types of deceased donor kidneys when compared with cold static storage.1,2

LifePort Kidney Transporter provides a sealed, sterile environment where a specially formulated physiologic solution is gently pumped through the kidney at cold temperatures to minimize tissue damage while the organ is being preserved outside the body. LifePort Kidney Transporter is lightweight and portable allowing an organ to be perfused from time of recovery until transplantation. It is designed to travel unaccompanied by land or air, safely transporting the kidney across town or between countries. While the kidney is being perfused, LifePort Kidney Transporter records data on temperature, flow rate, vascular resistance and pressure every 10 seconds, offering clinicians important additional data.

Our Products
LifePort Kidney Transporter 1.1

The newest LifePort Kidney Transporter model uses on-board GPS/GPRS, to transmit location and key performance data...

LifePort Kidney Transporter 1.0

The original LifePort Kidney Transporter captures and displays key performance data in real time. On-board digital readouts show temperature, pressure, flow, resistance, and perfusion time...

LifePort Kidney Transporter Disposables

The full disposables set is designed to help facilitate maximum range preservation and protection to the donor organ, even in the most difficult of cases...

LifePort Kidney Transporter Cover

The LifePort Kidney Transporter Cover facilitates unattended shipping of LifePorted kidneys and relevant biological samples, while increasing protection of the Transporter...

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Machine Perfusion Benefits

Clinical evidence supports the use of LifePort Kidney Transporter

  • Standard criteria kidneys (SCD)1,2
  • Expanded criteria kidneys (ECD)3
  • Deceased donor kidneys (DCD)4

Listen to surgeon's real-life experience of using LifePort Kidney Transporter here.


Certain features and characteristics of these products are subject to patent protection
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The Company's new Universal SealRing cannula provides an easy and quick technique of placing a donor kidney on the LifePort cassette, especially when working without assistance – the bilateral anvil with snap latch design and conical seal greatly facilitate the connection process, as well as ensuring that flow through the arterial orifice is not compromised.