Organ Recovery Systems at ILTS 2014

20 November 2014  // 

The 2014 Joint International Congress of ILTS, ELITA & LICAGE in London, UK, on June 4-7 brought together professionals from 40 countries to discuss the latest advances in liver transplantation procedures and therapy.

LifePort® Liver Transporter made its ILTS debut in our exhibition booth. Organ Recovery Systems is very excited about the high volume of interest shown in the machine and the need that was expressed for finding ways to increase the number of donor livers available for transplant while reducing post-transplant complications and length of hospital stay. With regulatory registrations underway in the US and EU, ILTS was a perfect opportunity for delegates to learn more about how LifePort Liver Transporter might support their liver transplantation programs.

Dr. James Guarrera from Columbia University Medical Center, New York, USA, attended the congress to share his experience of transplanting donor livers. At a discussion session with 30 transplant surgeons, Dr. Guarrera presented his clinical data and reviewed his experience of perfusing all types of donor livers. His previously published results, from a prospective study of hypothermically machine perfused livers, showed a significantly lower length of hospital stay and reduction in both early allograft dysfunction and biliary complications in patients receiving hypothermic machine perfused livers.1


  1. Guarrera JV et al. Hypothermic Machine Preservation in Human Liver Transplantation: The First Clinical Series. Am J Transplant 2010;10:372–381.

France is the first country to officially recommend
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The process may seem complex, but in practice it is not. Any concerns about the process
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