Business Wire—Organ Recovery Systems’ LifePort Liver Transporter Preserves First Livers for Transplant as Part of the PILOT Continued Access Study

We are proud to announce that the first livers have officially been transplanted using the LifePort®Liver Transporter as part of the PILOT™ Continued Access Study. The first livers preserved with the LLT under Continued Access were transplanted at University Hospital in Newark, NJ. Rutgers New Jersey Medical School is the first of a larger effort to further investigate the benefits of integrating LLT into existing transplant programs at participating medical centers.


“I am extremely excited to finally be able to use oxygenated HMP for my patients as a targeted intervention to improve logistics, outcomes, and access to transplant by safely facilitating the use of Extended Criteria and DCD livers,” said Dr. James V. Guarrera.

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