David’s Transplant Journey

In this powerful video, we meet David, a liver recipient who shares his journey of needing a liver transplant. David speaks about the emotional and physical toll of waiting for a liver to become available, not knowing when or if he would receive that call. David takes us through his optimism and excitement about getting the call and a second chance at life. The selfless act of David’s donor and donor family completely transformed his life. Give hope to those currently waiting for lifesaving transplants by registering your decision to be an organ, eye and tissue donor in the National Donate Life Registry today at registerme.org

“This liver saved my life, and I can’t thank the donor and the doctors enough. Life since transplant, it’s a whole new life. Every facet of my existence has been more appreciative; more fulfilled. I’m incredibly happy. Life is good. It really is. And being able to come out of this and having great people that took care of me along the way is a wonderful gift. It really is. I’ll be forever grateful. -David”

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