Outcome of liver transplantation with grafts from DBD donors treated with D-HOPE

In a single center, retrospective cohort study by Patrono et al., they sought to compare the effects of dual hypothermic oxygenated machine perfusion (D-HOPE) and static cold storage (SCS) on graft survival in liver transplant with grafts from extended criteria donation after brain death (ECD-DBD) grafts. This trial included 844 patients (121 D-HOPE and 723 SCS) with a primary outcome of early allograft failure (EAF), as defined by listing for retransplantation or patient death for any cause within 90 days of transplant.

Their results found:

  • D-HOPE was associated with a significant reduction of:
    • EAF (OR:0.24)
    • Dindo-Clavien grade ≥3 complications (OR: 0.57)
    • Comprehensive complication index (mean reduction 7.20 points)
  • Ischemic cholangiopathy severity was significantly lower in the D-HOPE group
  • D-HOPE had a significant improvement in both graft and patient survival

Overall, they concluded that this study showed D-HOPE of livers from DBD donors is associated with a significant reduction of postoperative complications and EAF, leading to improved patient and graft survival.  They indicated that their findings prompt a wider adoption of D-HOPE in clinical practice.

Read the full article here: https://doi.org/10.1111/ajt.16996

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