Saint-Luc—World first: new technique for preserving kidney grafts

We are proud to announce that Cliniques universitaires Saint-Luc transplanted the first kidney perfused in the LifePort Kidney Transporter after introducing supplemental oxygen!

The link showcases an interview in French with kidney transplant surgeon Professor Tom Darius and recipient; for the non-French speaking community, the recipient was pleasantly surprised at his recovery and felt like he received his kidney from a living donor. He expresses immense gratitude towards his donor and the donor family for making the decision to give the gift of life.

Please note that the LifePort Kidney Transporter Disposable Oxygenation Perfusion Circuit is not commercially available in all markets – contact us to learn more!

Saint-Luc, UCLouvain’s academic hospital in Brussels, is one of the largest hospital centers in Belgium and is one of the country’s seven university hospitals.

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