University Hospital—University Hospital Performs First Transplant with Machine Preserved Liver in the State of New Jersey

In this press release, University Hospital announces the successful transplantation of a donated liver preserved by portable hypothermic machine perfusion, a first in the state of New Jersey. The liver was preserved using the LifePort® Liver Transporter during the PILOT clinical trial. PILOT (Perfusion to Improve Liver Outcomes in Transplantation) is a prospective randomized multi-center oxygenated hypothermic machine perfusion study using the LifePort Liver Transporter (LLT) system with Vasosol as compared to static cold storage in orthotopic liver transplantation.

“There is a very short window of time for a surgeon to safely recover a donated organ, determine its quality and viability, and then successfully transplant into a patient; every second counts. Having new technology to potentially expand that crucial timeframe can be the determining factor in conducting a successful transplantation operation.”

One of the principal teaching hospitals for Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences, University Hospital is the center of referral for many of the state’s most advanced medical services and specialty care programs. University Hospital houses New Jersey’s first Liver Transplant Program.

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