HMP provides safe and reliable preservation of “orphan” livers

In a study of 31 adult ECD livers that were declined by the originating UNOS region, Guarrera et al sought to determine whether the use of HMP could reduce the incidence and clinical impact of classic preservation injuries. They compared these livers to a historic group of ECD SCS donors in a matched cohort. They found that there were:

  • Fewer incidents of EAD in the HMP group (p=0.384)
  • Significantly less biliary complications in the HMP group (p=0.016)
  • Significantly shorter hospital lengths of stay in the HMP group (p=0.001)

Overall, they found that HMP provided safe and reliable preservation of SCS ECD livers that were deemed “orphan” based on their decline from the originating UNOS region.

Read the full article here:

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