Overcoming the longest cold ischemia time seen in Korea using HMP in deceased donor kidney transplantation

Kim et al. reported on a deceased donor kidney transplant case that had the longest reported cold ischemic time (CIT) in Korea which was facilitated by using hypothermic machine perfusion (HMP). A 54 year old male marginal deceased donor (Korean Kidney Donor Profile Index 82%) with diabetes donated their left kidney to a 51 year old male on peritoneal dialysis with end-stage renal disease secondary to diabetic nephropathy. After placing the kidney on HMP, inclement weather delayed the transportation of the graft, which resulted in a total CIT of 28 hours and 6 minutes, with the graft on HMP for 22 hours and 35 minutes.  

They found that: 

  • There was no instance of delayed graft function 
  • The recipient demonstrated good postoperative progress
  • Daily urine output beginning on post operative day 1 
  • Serum creatinine level showed gradual decline

Overall they concluded that this case, involving the application of HMP during the longest CIT yet seen in Korea, shows that HMP can help to preserve graft function and may also mitigate detrimental effects of long CITs. 

Read the full article here: https://www.ekjt.org/journal/view.html?doi=10.4285/kjt.23.0056

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