Renal Resistance Trend During HMP Is More Predictive of Postoperative Outcome Than Biopsy Score

Bissolati et al. sought evaluate the prognostic role of renal resistance (RR) valued during hypothermic machine perfusion (HMP) on postoperative outcome. They analyzed 65 kidneys that were preserved using HMP from DCD and ECD donors.

They found:

  • Kidneys that reached an acceptable RR in the first 60 min of perfusion had better outcomes 
  • Kidneys that did not reach an acceptable RR in the first 60 min of perfusion had primary non function (PNF) and delayed graft function (DGF).

Overall, they found that biopsy score did not correlate with PNF/DGF rate. However, they found that RR trend during HMP seemed to be a better predictor of post-transplantation outcomes. They concluded that RR trend during HMP can predict post-transplant outcomes, especially in regard to ECD donors.

Read the full article here:

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