Brief Bubble and Intermittent Surface Oxygenation Is a Simple and Effective Alternative for Membrane Oxygenation During Hypothermic Machine Perfusion in Kidneys

A study by Darius et al. sought to evaluate the use of direct bubble and intermittent surface oxygenation during continuous HMP as an alternative to using a membrane oxygenator.  They evaluated the renal flow, resistance and concentration of pO2 in the perfusate as well as assessing tubular function in a porcine kidney transplant model.  

They found that:  

  • Perfusate PO2 reached levels above 400 mmHg within 20 minutes of preload oxygen 
  • All groups with supplemental O2 has superior serum creatinine levels than HMP without oxygenation 
  • Active oxygenation results in significantly higher renal flow during HMP 
  • ATP levels were restored regardless of oxygenation technique 

Overall, they found that all the oxygenated study groups, independent of the administration technique and duration of oxygenation, showed better early graft function compared to HMP without oxygenation. They concluded that brief bubble and intermittent surface oxygenation could be an alternative oxygenation technique that would reduce the cost and make transport easier.

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