First clinical kidney transplantation series using brief bubble and direct surface oxygenation as alternative for membrane oxygenation during HMP

A study by Darius et al. reported on the first 5 cases of using the method of bubble and intermittent surface oxygenation during HMP in human renal transplantation. This case study provided information on 3 DCD donors of which 5 of the 6 kidneys were allocated to their transplant team.  They looked at the outcomes of the recipients such as delayed graft function (DGF), and any adverse events.

They reported that:

  • There were no instances of DGF
  • There were no instances of acute rejection

Overall, they concluded that this oxygenation technique is easy and feasible.  They found that this method of oxygenation can be performed without apparent deleterious effect to the donor kidney or recipient.

Read the full article here:

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