Machine Perfusion Decreases Delayed Graft Function in Donor Grafts With High Kidney Donor Profile Index

In the era of KDPI, Montenovo et al. sought to assess the impact of the use of machine perfusion (MP) on the incidence of delayed graft function (DGF) in the different groups of kidney grafts classified by kidney donor profile index (KDPI). They used the UNOS database from January 2008 to Sept 2017 with over 100,000 recipients meeting inclusion criteria.

They found that:

  • Univariate analysis – MP significantly decreased development of DGF across all groups
  • Multivariate analysis – MP significantly decreased DGF in higher KDPI score groups (KDPI > 60)

Overall, they concluded that the results should encourage the use of MP versus static cold storage especially from donors with a higher risk kidney donor profile index (KDPI>60).

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DGF, HMP, KDPI, Kidney

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