Machine Perfusion versus Cold Storage for Preservation of Kidneys from Expanded Criteria Donors after Brain Death

In an article based on the expanded criteria donor (ECD) subset from the machine perfusion trial, Treckmann et al. analyzed 91 donors where one kidney was assigned to the machine perfusion (MP) group and the contralateral kidney was preserved by static cold storage (CS).

They found that:

  • MP significantly reduced the risk of DGF
  • Incidence of PNF was 4x higher in the CS group compared to the MP group
  • One-year graft survival was significantly higher in the MP group

Overall, they found that MP reduces the risk of DGF and improves 1-year graft survival and function in ECD kidneys. They believe that all ECD kidneys should be machine perfused because in the first year alone 12% more grafts could be saved.

Read the full article here:

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ECD, Graft Survival, HMP

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