Dr. Andrew Ready – Addressing recipient factors: optimizing the outcomes post-transplant

2 October 2014  // 

Dr. Andrew Ready, Consultant Renal and General Surgeon Department of Renal Surgery at the New Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, UK

Dr. Ready identifies that patients on the kidney transplant waiting list are increasingly complex, and recipients of kidneys from deceased donors are often treated in the context of emergency care, as opposed to living donor recipients who receive the highest levels of expertise during well-planned, elective surgery. Dr. Ready presents the results of a study at the University of Birmingham that investigated the use of machine perfusion as a means to prolong cold ischemia time to permit improved recipient assessment and to bridge transplants into times when maximum expertise was available.

…Machine perfusion using the LifePort Kidney Transporter machine has … allowed us, within reasonable limits, to prolong the cold ischemia time of cadaveric kidneys without detriment, so allowing for the needs of our increasingly complex recipients and our hospital’s resources to be reconciled with those of the kidney.